I Am Boris The Bear

Hi, I'm Dan. Yes, I am 16. Yes, my beard is impressive for my age. Egalitarian and Socialist and Christian. Bohemian and Musicist and Historiser. I'm a bear. Meaow.





I’ve put together a simple chart that explains the various ways you should and shouldn’t summon a waiter over to your table, and the service you’re likely to receive accordingly.

Because if one more middle aged, obnoxious asshole goes “hey you!” and snaps their fingers at me, I WILL snap said person’s neck.

I waitressed my way through college and one night this guy yells at me “Oi! you with the tits!” and my co-worker Matthew walked up to him and said “yes?”

Anyone want to discuss with me whether “ma’am” is really preferable to “excuse me”, and if so why? I’ve worked customer service, but not food service, and I’m not getting it. Am I missing something?

Addressing someone as sir or madam is more polite than not using any form of address. Although in this country, calling people by their first name without an introduction would also be rude.


security at concerts always look so bored i mean at least smile you’re getting fucking paid to stand one step closer to my idol than i’ll probably ever be able to you fucker

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